Suzie Stevens

Suzie knows what’s hot and what’s not, discovering new music and featuring unsigned artists!

Suzie’s love of radio began from an early age, recording the top 40, and lying on her bedroom floor writing out song lyrics. “On my 17th birthday,” says Suzie, “I was given a CB radio. I would lie awake for hours, talking/broadcasting as if I had my own radio station, and loving the interaction with others. The internet became a huge part of our lives, the CB was sold and along came a family, But I was still always listening to the radio and keeping up to date with new music, wondering whether I would ever have my own radio show.”

Suzie’s love of the theatre persuaded her to give amateur dramatics a go, entertaining an audience and having that live interaction. In 2015 she approached her local community radio station where she was given the opportunity of presenting live shows. Her love of chatting to large numbers of people and sharing her love of music, gossip and of making people smile, led her to present the breakfast show 5 days a week! She has also broadcast live shows on other local stations.

Suzie says; “it is an absolute honour to be part of the Delux Radio team and I look forward to bringing you a mixture of music from across the decades as well as new music and unsigned artists. And I love to hear from my audience!”

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